Adélie Linux Projects

Open collaboration helps us all.

At Adélie, contributing back to the Libre Software community is second nature. We regularly contribute to projects and initiatives that share our goals, and we're happy to introduce the community to our own sub-projects.

Our Projects


gcompat is a project started by Adélie Linux to allow users to run binaries compiled for glibc distributions on musl distributions, such as Adélie. gcompat serves an important role to all musl distributions, allowing users to utilise their existing Linux software while retaining the benefits a musl-based distribution offers.


Horizon is the name of the Adélie Linux installation system project. It is designed to ensure that users are able to complete the installation process with ease and understanding, and that systems administrators are able to quickly and effortlessly deploy Adélie, whether to one computer or one thousand computers.


Shimmy is a collection of command-line utilities designed to provide stricter POSIX® conformance to Linux and other libre software Unix-like operating environments. It has been engineered to be portable, fast, and conformant. Shimmy provides the getconf command, and others, in the default Adélie installation.