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Adélie Linux 1.0 Release Candidate 2 (2020-10)


Installation CD/USB

This installation media can be used to perform installations using a network connection. The media contains our easy-to-use Installation System, and other tools to perform basic maintenance of your computer.

Note that your computer will need a supported network connection to install using this media.

Download Installation media for:

Live Environment CD/USB

This media allows you to try out Adélie Linux without making any changes to your computer's current environment. You can choose the default Plasma environment, or the lighter-weight MATE environment.

Please note that this media is very large and may take a long time to download, depending on the speed of your Internet connecton.

Download Live Environment media for:


Root Filesystem Archive

The root filesystem archives are compressed with XZ, and can be extracted to a bootable storage medium for an instant Adélie environment. (Remember to set a root password!)

Download a root filesystem archive for:

Miniature Root Filesystem Archive

The Miniature root filesystem archives are compressed with XZ, and can be used for instant Adélie chroots; mix with your preferred packages for quick prototyping.

Download a miniature root filesystem archive for: