About the Adélie Linux system

What Sets Us Apart

There are many Linux distributions. Adélie Linux defines itself with a unique focus on the ideals of reliability, security, portability, and usability.


You depend on your computer every day to connect you to the world around you. Adélie has focused on ensuring continued reliability and stability from the very beginning.

All of the software we provide has been carefully tested on all of our supported platforms to ensure that you enjoy the best possible experience.

We do not believe that users should be guinea pigs. We only ship stable versions of the software in our operating system.


You deserve to feel safe when you use your computer. While no operating system can ever be fully secure from all threats, Adélie has been meticulously crafted to provide you with a secure experience.

We are always tracking the latest security threats and providing updates whenever the need arises. And because Adélie can perform updates so fast, these updates won't impact your work.


Adélie is one of the few binary Linux distributions left that target many different types of platforms. From ARM, to POWER, to x86 and beyond.

We believe that your hardware belongs to you, and that you have the right to do whatever you like with the hardware you own.

We work hard to ensure that your experience with Adélie is the same, regardless of which platform you use. You can rest assured that your programs will function the same on every CPU we support.


Software is only useful if it can actually be used by people. Adélie prides itself on offering users an operating system that is intuitive, easy, and quick to learn.

Technical Overview

Linux DistributionAdélie Linux
Current Version1.0-RC2 (2020-10-02)
KernelLinux 5.4 LTS with mc patch set
InitSystem V-style with OpenRC service management; s6
Package ManagerAPK Tools
Supported Platforms32-bit and 64-bit versions of ARM, PowerPC, and x86.
Desktop Environments Full DE: KDE Plasma 5, LXQt, MATE, XFCE 4
Window managers: Awesome, Fluxbox, i3, IceWM, Openbox, spectrwm, TWM
Popular Server SoftwareApache, Bugzilla, Java, lighttpd, PHP 7, Python 3, qmail, Quassel Core, Ruby, and more

Adélie Linux additionally focuses on the following unique technological goals:

Full POSIX® compliance

One of our goals is to create a fully libre, open source operating system that passes POSIX® certification.

Flexibility over politics

We ship a wide variety of packages, because we believe you should be able to make your own choices and decisions when using your computer. We provide the mechanisms, and you can make your own policies.