Adélie Linux Community Centre

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We warmly invite you to join our community of technology professionals. We're passionate about our ideals of reliability, security, portability, and usability, and about the libre software and hardware movements in general.


Interlinked IRC — port 6697 or 9999, TLS only

Anyone may join the #Adelie-Support room, for help with using Adélie; people who register with a valid email address can additionally join:

  • #Adelie — development discussion
  • #Adelie-Infra — infrastructure discussion
  • #Adelie-Social — general community chat room
  • #horizon — discussion about Project Horizon


We have a social chatter channel at Adéliegram. Remember to follow our Code of Conduct, and have fun!

Mailing Lists

Our mailing lists allow for more long-form discussions and assistance with the usage and development of Adélie Linux. Anyone with a valid email address may subscribe to join the conversation.

Please click here to access our lists.

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