Adélie Linux At Home

Enjoy your computer again.

Adélie includes everything you need to create, communicate, and enjoy.


Grow your photo library.

Whether you've taken a few photos with your phone's camera during a family vacation, or you're a professional photographer with terabytes of raw files and digital negatives, Adélie Linux gives you the tools you need to manage and view all your photos.


You can edit your photos and keep your photo library organised with digiKam, scan photos with Skanlite, and view your photos and play slideshows with Gwenview.

Listen to and stream all your favourite artists.

Adélie Linux includes the versatile Audacious media player, which allows you to listen to your personal music library, including audio CDs and DVDs.


You can also stream your favourite music from services like Pandora and Google Play, all from the privacy-focused Firefox Web browser.

Connect to your world.

Connect to social media networks including Twitter, Mastodon, and Pleroma using Choqok.

The Thunderbird email client keeps your messages private and safe, including support for S/MIME and GPG encryption.

Chat with friends using Quassel IRC, Telegram, and Pidgin XMPP.